Maxima Consulting


If one word could sum up the situation in Serbia, it would be ˝reform˝. However, that word has been both used and misused in the last several decades. It has become a mantra, but lost its meaning. So we say instead that ˝Serbia needs to strengthen all its sectors˝. All governments in the past decade have been faced with a long list of challenges where no easy solutions could be found: high and long-term unemployment; low or no growth; poverty; massive public debt; outdated or non-existing infrastructure; corruption; under-performing industries; excessive burdens on business; and many more. A lot of these challenges are closely linked. Improvements need to cover all sectors and make cross-sectorial connections, to foster good governance and rule of law, and at the same time promote sustainable socio-economic development, which are the twin objectives of the EU accession process. As a local consultancy, we feel responsibility to play our part in helping partners in the public sector as they pursue much-needed improvements, for the benefit of all Serbia’s citizens and the country´s future in prosperity.

Based in Belgrade, Maxima Consulting has a long-standing record of success in implementing projects in Serbia and the wider Western Balkans, under programmes financed by the EU, bilateral donors (US, Austria, Denmark, Sweden), ministries and local self-governments. Our strategic goal is to enhance sustainable development through advanced consulting in a spirit of partnership with beneficiaries and stakeholders. We work with a wide range of public sector entities, including ministries, their agencies and more than 100 local self-governments, as well as quasi-public, private & non-profit bodies, including SMEs, regional development agencies (RDAs), civil society organisations (CSOs) and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Our consultants represent a reliable source of expertise and support in the following key areas:

  • Public administration reform
  • Local and regional economic development
  • Developing a business-enabling environment
  • Agricultural and rural development
  • Development funds programming and management