Serbia is undergoing dramatic structural changes expected to ultimately lead the country to EU membership. Development projects in partnership with national authorities play an essential role in this important transformation. However, development goals can only be considered successfully implemented when supported, understood, embraced and executed by their beneficiaries. Effective communication is a key to the success of this process. It not only means more visibility for the projects, its management and donors, but it is also an essential tool to motivate and engage the whole of society into accomplishment of EU pre-accession objectives.

Maxima Communications specialises in providing communication, information, publicity, visibility, branding and marketing services for development projects.

Our communication experts bring extensive working experience from the media, marketing management in both SMEs and ‘blue chip’ businesses, and corporate PR and advertising agencies. More importantly, we have also worked in development projects and worked with donors. We understand – from first hand – the expectations of funding bodies, beneficiary institutions, other stakeholders, and the ultimate recipients of technical and financial assistance. We possess an in-depth appreciation of the specifics of the development industry, and an ability to effectively transform complex development issues into newsworthy topics and appealing, easy-to-grasp messages for the general public and specific target groups. As part of Maxima Group, not only can we support communication and outreach of your project, but we are also a reliable source of essential information for all aspects of the project’s implementation.

Our communication focus can be summed up in four key concepts:

  • ADVOCACY: We aim to inform and motivate target groups to create a supportive environment for accomplishment of the project’s objectives and development goals
  • STAKEHOLDERS’ MOBILISATION: We aim to engage and support participation of institutions, community groups and professional groups to raise demand or sustain progress towards a development objective
  • BEHAVIOUR CHANGE COMMUNICATION: We aim to stimulate dialogue with individuals or groups to inform, motivate and solve problems with the aim of facilitating sustainable behaviour change
  • IMPACT: We strongly focus on the campaign’s impact and report on it using feedback and case studies from the project’s beneficiaries