Maxima Consulting International


With the aftershock of the recent financial & economic crisis still rippling across Europe, every administration continues to face demands on a daily basis: from its citizens, for a better quality of life; and from its businesses and potential investors and innovators, for a better and less burdensome environment for enterprise. The challenge for countries in development is to balance reforms in the public administration and judiciary at all levels with substantial advances in the real economy that deliver sustainable improvements in people’s living standards and life prospects. Meeting these twin objectives requires substantial upfront investment in strategic thinking, institutional capacity, regulatory reform, targeted support for business start-ups, SMEs and key sectors, infrastructure investment, and systems upgrades. This is the point at which donor and governmental interests align.

Based on the long-standing success of providing consultancy services in Serbia and other countries of the Western Balkans, we expanded the network of our consultants to support design, management, implementation and evaluation of projects internationally through Maxima Consulting International (MCI). This growing consultancy initiative is primarily targeting EU pre-accession and neighbouring countries.

We provide expertise in the following key areas:

  • Policy advice and strategy development
  • Public administration reform
  • Local and regional economic development
  • Private sector and SME development
  • Industrial strategy
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Human resources development
  • EU and international development funds – programming, management and evaluation
  • Project preparation